MSI has introduced their latest AMD A75 chipset based motherboard with MilitaryClass II components, the MSI A75MA-G55. More details inside.

MSI's new A75MA-G55 motherboard is equipped with Military Class II components which are said to be certified by the US Department of Defense. Such components offer the highest quality and stability to end users which will supposedly allow better overclocking, optimal power consumption, as well as increasing the lifespan of motherboards. The MSI A75 based motherboard feaures USB 3.0, SATA 3 interface as well as Click BIOS and i-Charger.

Click BIOS allows one to manipulate the BIOS with the mouse, and supports the booting of hard disk drivers over 2.2TB. i-Charger allows user to freely recharge their Apple iPad anytime after the software is installed and activated. Packed with integrated graphics, it offers DirectX 11 support,  Full HD Blu-ray playback and AMD Steady Video. Last but not least, the MSI A75MA-G55 comes in the mATX form factor, which will be a hit amongst HTPC lovers.