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MSI K8N Neo Platinum Review

With the K8N Neo Platinum, MSI has opted to go with the very popular and widely used Phoenix – AwardBIOS template for the board’s BIOS.

The first section of the BIOS is the Cell Menu, and allows for tweaking of your system. Here you can manually set memory timings, adjust the processor’s front side bus, and adjust voltages among others.

There is a DRAM Configuration sub-menu that allows for the manual adjustment of memory timings.

With the K8N Neo Platinum, you are able to adjust the DRAM voltage all thew ay up to 2.85V, a very nice feature to all the hardcore Athlon 64 overclockers out there.

The D.O.T. Ranger controls how MSI’s CoreCell functions. With its different options, from Private to Commander, you can adjust the CPU frequency by overclocking from 1% all the way up to 11%.

The Advanced BIOS Features section includes a very comprehensive boot priority section, allowing you to boot from Removable Devices like USB memory sticks, a feature that consumers will be looking for in the months to come.

The Advanced Chipset Features section is not as comprehensive as some other Athlon 64 motherboards because of the comprehensive Cell section we already looked at, but the section does allow for tweaking of the AGP port.

The PC Health Status section shows all the standard voltages and temperatures important to the user.

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