msidigicell1 MSI K8T Neo2 FIR Review

A new feature in high end MSI motherboards is a program called DigiCell. DigiCell acts like a hub for all the digital devices in your system, allowing you to tweak your network and audio settings, go straight to the Core Center, and manually set up power on settings.

msicorecell MSI K8T Neo2 FIR Review

MSI’s Core Center will probably be the most used feature included in the K8T Neo2-FIR. Core Center works with the MSI CoreCell chip we saw earlier to monitor temperatures and voltages inside your system, while at the same time allowing for on the fly overclocking of your PC in windows. You can also adjust VCore, VDIMM, and VAGP with Core Center, making overclocking in the BIOS a thing of the past.

msidmibrowser MSI K8T Neo2 FIR Review

Also included is MSI’s DMI Browser, a small program that gives you more information about your particular system, information like BIOS settings and motherboard type.

msiinfoview MSI K8T Neo2 FIR Review

InfoView XP is a similar program with a more graphical interface that will do essentially the same thing, give you more information about hardware inside your PC.

msiispeed MSI K8T Neo2 FIR Review

A new program that we’re seeing bundled with the K8T Neo2-FIR is i-Speeder. With i-Speeder, you can track network bandwidth usage and see how fast your particular network card is running at.