From first glance, it’s hard to even think of the Mega Stick 256 as an MP3 player because of it’s compact size. It most closely resembles a USB key, one of the devices five functions. The top of the Mega Stick 256 features an input headphone jack as well as a mic input for voice recording, and also pictured above is the Mega Stick’s black and white LCD screen, which reads off the songs that are currently playing on the device.

The bottom of the Mega Stick 256 is where the male USB connection is, with the cover for the USB connection connected to the body of the device by a plastic string. Also pictured is the hold toggle, allowing you to turn off the Mega Stick’s buttons when you’re on the move.

The backside of the Mega Stick 256 houses the single AAA battery that is required to power the device. We got about 8 hours of battery life running the Mega Stick 256, impressive from just a single AAA battery.

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