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MSI P4N Diamond Board Preview

The mainboard itself.

The Back I/O panel consisting of:

  • PS/2 ports
  • 1x serial, 1x parallel port
  • 2x RJ45 GBe LAN port
  • 4x USB port
  • 1x 6 pin firewire
  • 1x spdif out
  • audio in, out, optical out

The Creative sound chip, the Wolfson ADC and Cirrus Logic DAC

The Marvell GBe PHY

Marvell PCI-E GBe Controller

NVidia Nforce 4 SLI MCP Northbridge cooling solution

Northbridge naked

6 Sata-II ports, 4 purple ports via Nvidia MCP04 and 2 blue ports via Silicon
Image SIL3132

Nvidia MCP04 cooling solution. notice the copper core on the heatsink

Southbridge naked

The PCI-E SLI slots. No connector switch is required for the Intel Nforce 4

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