Our friends at  techPowerUp! have picked up pictures of MSI’s HD5870 in “Lightning” guise, aimed squarely at overclockers. Redesigning graphics accelerators have become unpopular in recent days. Click to read more about what we identified after squinting hard at the pictures on the screen.

First off, the PCB without heatsink assembly:
More pictures, courtesy of techPowerUp!:
The way it looks, there is a redesign of the voltage regulation module, in particular for the GPU supply. Most of the details are in the picture below:
1. Nippon Chemicon “Proadlizer” device. This is what oldhand tube-jockeys know of as T-Network capacitors in SMD format with conductive polymer class dielectric. 2. One set of the 12 inductor/FET network in what looks like a 12 phase GPU voltage regulation setup. 3. Since the GPU voltage regulation switches off the +12V rail, 2 PCIe power inputs are provided. 4. Polymer type capacitor banks. 5. GPU unit. 6. Tantalum type capacitor on LC filter stage. 7. Voltage measuring “points.”