MSI has responded with regards to the Intel 6 series, announcing that shipments have been stopped. In addition, the Taiwanese hardware manufacturer has also announced temporary solution as well as offer swap or return for affected models.

MSI has announced that it has stopped shipments of Sandy Bridge products following Intel’s announcement of a design issue in the recent released Intel 6 Series chipset. To minimize inconvenience to customers, the company has issued two press releases on their website – a temporary workaround solution to the problem, and swap and return policy.

Temporary Solution

For the temporary solution, MSI advised users to plug the hard disk on SATA 7 and 8 ports from Marvell SE9128 and install the Marvell drivers to avoid the Intel chipset issue. Check the website for full details.

Product Swap/Return

As of 31 January, MSI has informed all its distributors, retails and reseller to stop direct sales of Intel 6 series based products of MSI and to hold any products pending shipments to customers. If you have purchased a MSI Intel 6 series based product after the 31st of January please check MSI’s website on the product swap or return policies.

The manufacturer has identified the following affected models:-

Intel P67 – P67A-GD65, P67A-GD55, P67A-GD53, P67A-C45, P67A-C43, P67S-C43

Intel H67 – H67MA-ED55, H67MA-E45, H67MS-E43, H67MS-E33, 

MSI Notebooks based on Intel PM67 – GT680R

For Product Swap, MSI will swap your current Intel 6 series based product to a brand new MSI product which is based on the new B3 stepping of the Intel 6 series which solves the current SATA2 port issues. Details will be released before end of February. but meantime, you are advised to use the temporary solution provided.

For Product Return, MSI will honor full refund to the Intel 6 series based product you bought, if you prefer not to do a Product Swap.

Source: MSI