Like two years ago, also during Computex, when MSI showed Futuremark's 3DMark 11 Deep Sea Demo, visitors to the popular Taiwanese AIB maker's booth can catch a short demo loop of the upcoming 3DMark for Windows 8 running on a high end system equipped with a pair of GTX 680 Lightning in SLi.

Video of 3DMark for Windows 8:

Futurmark's upcoming 3DMark for Windows 8 (DX9 and DX11, will allow apples-to-apples comparison between ARM and X86 powered devices) demo was shown at MSI's booth section dedicated to the release of the new GTX 680 Lightning, which we reported about previously. The benchmark is expected to be released later this year after the launch of Windows 8.

The system powering the demo was quite high end, loaded with a Sandy Bridge-E 3960X processor, X79 Big Bang-XPower II motherboard and a pair of GTX 680 Lightning in SLi. Expert eyes of yours truly estimates the framerate of the demo sequence to be between 20-50FPS, which does not bode well with lesser hardware and relatively puny processors on tablets.


MSI Afterburner software monitoring we shown on an adjacent monitor next to the running demo, showing the GPU usage to be 99% and the core temperature at 63 degrees celsius with the fan speed hovering below 50%. The temps could probably be better if the components placed not inside a passively ventiliated acrylic enclosure.