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MSI thin and light X340 and X600 X-Slim Series laptops receive WiMAX Forum Certification

WiMAX Forum Certification

MSI has announced that their X-Slim series laptops (X340 and X600) have received WiMAX Forum Certification. In addition, the Taiwanese manufacturer has also claim to be the first to release a mini notebook capable of supporting WiMAX, in the form of Wind U120.

The ultra-light, power-saving X-Slim Series X340 and X600 models are the first Taiwan-based brand to receive WiMAX Forum Certification. On October 26, MSI will participate in Broadband Taiwan. At the international WiMAX product & application area, portability & the latest generation of mobile communications technology will unite to display MSI’s “insist on the best” and strengths in new product development.

MSI has devoted significant R&D capabilities to becoming not only a member of the international WiMAX Forum, but also the first in the world to release a mini notebook capable of supporting WiMAX, the Wind U120. In addition, the integration of the popular Intel CULV platform and release of the ultra-thin, power-saving X-Slim X340 and X600 WiMAX notebook models, give consumers the opportunity to enjoy the synergy of MSI’s ultra mobile experience and the world’s newest technology.
MSI Notebook Marketing Director Sam Chern explains that MSI currently has 13″ and 15.6″ ultra-thin models on the market, the X-Slim X340 and the X600, as well as the Wind Series mini notebook product, the U120. Besides using the Intel CULV platform, they are also can utilize WiMAX for high speed data transfers. Future notebook products will continue to support WiMAX and will further develop mobile technologies so consumers enjoy the lightest, smallest, and ultra power-saving notebook computers while on the newest, high-speed, stable wireless networks.

MSI X-Slim X340

– Intel’s ultra-thin, power-saving CULV platform
– Ultra-long endurance battery – MSI’s exclusive ECO Engine
– Outstanding entertainment functionality; built-in HDMI & Blu-Ray player supported
– WiMAX capable
– Weighs only 1.3kg (including 4-cell battery)

MSI X-Slim X600

– Intel’s ultra-thin, power-saving CULV platform
– Built-in discrete graphics card
– WiMAX capable
– Features D-sub, HDMI, E-SATA, USB, and RJ45
– High performance multimedia: 4 speakers with 2nd generation Dolby sound & 16:9 LED cinematic display
– World’s first 15.6”notebook under 2.1kg (including 6-cell battery); total thickness of less than 2.5 cm

MSI Wind U120

– Power saving design provides high endurance
– Built-in 802.11 b/g/n high-speed WLAN
– WiMAX capable
– Uses power-saving LED backlit display; even richer color performance
– Exclusive EasyFace facial recognition software for increased security

Source: MSI

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