VR-Zone brings you some pictures of the Wind PC taken apart and power consumption figures!

The MSI Wind has been the contemporary solution to the ASUS Eee PC, and many gadget enthusiasts have been waiting eagerly for the first competitor that will stand out against the ASUS Titan. As usual, our team managed to get our hands on an unit of the Wind, and give you a piece of our mind on the innards, as well as a quick overview.

The Wind will come with 3 USB ports, VGA output and LAN. Unlike the Eee, the Wind will come equipped with onboard Bluetooth for its Windows version.


The Wind opened. The keyboard is significantly easier to type on when compared to other sub-notebooks/UMPCs.


Size comparison with the ASUS Eee 900. The Wind is quite a big bigger, with a thicker bezel and a 10" screen.


Hood Popped! The 80GB SATA hard disk takes up a significant amount of space on the PCB, which explains the size of the Wind.


The Intel 945GMS chipset exposed!