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MSI WindPad Enjoy 10 tablet shows up at the FCC

Most people may not know it, but MSI has been a player in the tablet space for quite some time already, except that its tablets never really managed to take off in the same way as those of its competitors. However, if you though that MSI is all ready to give up its stake in the tablet business, you could not have been further from the truth, especially if the latest news about the company's budget WindPad Enjoy 10 tablet showing up at the FCC is of any indication.

When it comes to tablets, the only prominent, non-Apple products available on the market are those that are produced by the likes of big-name players such as Acer, LG, Samsung, right? Well, most may not know it, but MSI has also been competing in the market for quite some time already with its WindPad line of tablets. And while their products are not as popular as the aforementioned OEMs, it seems that there is still enough demand for entry-level and mid-range tablets on the market for the company to justify the release of newer additions to the WindPad line, such as the new WindPad Enjoy 10, which has just been spotted having a date of sorts with the FCC.

According to a report published by Liliputing, MSI's new WindPad Enjoy 10 is being positioned as a "budget tablet" that could potentially be sold on the market for as low as US$299, or even lesser. And if you are wondering how a 10-inch tablet can be sold for such low price…well, as they say, the devil is in the details, and the WindPad Enjoy 10's hardware specifications are anything but impressive. While the tablet does sport a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor for use in its general-purpose computing needs, its 10-inch capacitive display is only capable of a not-so-impressive native resolution of 800 x 480.  This differs from MSI's earlier announcements, where it claimed that the tablet will feature a 1.2GHz processor and a display which is capable of native resolution of 1024 x 768.

In addition, the WindPad Enjoy 10 comes bundled with only 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal flash memory, although Liliputing claims that the preloaded Android 2.3 operating system consumes enough space to reduce the internal storage capacity to approximately 1.2GB. Lastly, the report also claims that the MSI WindPad Enjoy 10 tablet will feature hardware-accelerated playback support for 1080p videos "in a variety of formats including MP4, Xvid, DiVX, and H.264", front and rear cameras, an SD card slot, a USB port, WiFi connectivity and a battery which is reportedly capable of up to five hours of uptime.

No news of the WindPad Enjoy 10's availability has been released at this point of time.

Source: Liliputing

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