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MSI Z77A-GD65 Review: Military Class for Ivy Bridge


Since the Sandy Bridge/P67 era, MSI has deployed an interactive "Click BIOS" UEFi GUI interface for their bios thats allows the use of the mouse and other advanced features like taking screenshots, loading/saving profiles and an integrated web browser. We felt that the screen real estate could still be better utilized (like on recent ASUS/Gigabyte boards) and some option labels made less ambiguous. Overall, it was responsive and didn't cause our testers much frustration.




Central to the Z77A-GD65 is MSI's Control Center utility, a palatable 8MB utility which offers all the essential overclocking knobs and information in a non-nonsense fashion.

Other than the THX TruStudio Pro that we've mentioned early, MSI also included the Lucid VIRTU MVP software which improves performance in certain benchmarks and games.


Overclocking (AUTO)

With a Core i5-3570K and 2 x 8GB G.Skill 2400MHz DDR3 kit installed, the auto overclocking feature took us to a conservative 4.2GHz and only 2133Mhz on the rams (strange that it didn't use XMP support).

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