Microsoft’s new MSN Video Player has only been out of beta for a month, and it seems like the developers have forgot to word their alerts a little more carefully.

Read on for more information.

Microsoft unveiled their MSN Video Player barely more than a month (which is a part of XinMSN) ago, and already it seems that it’s making the headlines for the wrong reasons: apparently, viewers who are accessing the video page with Google Chrome will be treated to a kind message in which Microsoft strongly “recommends a more recent browser such as Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3”.

And for some reason, it seems that even users of the most recent developer snapshot of the browser are not spared, as we were also able to trigger the message with the latest nightly developer build of the Chromium browser, as shown below.

However, TechRadar believes that the message was probably more to do with Silverlight than Chrome being an outdatedate browser,. This would make sense, since Silverlight has yet to be officially supported for the Google Chrome browser, even though a release candidate for Silverlight 4 made available for it last month.

Still, with Microsoft and Google competing against each other in various fronts like the search engine and OS space, it does seem as though the stage has been set of a slew of innocently snarky words to be thrown from both sides against each other.

Which, at the very least, will hopefully make for more lighthearted news.

Source: TechRadar UK, XinMSN


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