Chinese media is today raving about Nokia’s future Android plans, as unnamed sources “on the inside” suggest the Normandy will be followed by several other handhelds based on Google’s mobile OS, the first of which might land as soon as May.

Nokia Normandy

It’s crazy to think we’ve gone from Nokia’s never going to tackle Android, to they intended to do something but Microsoft halted the work, to a low-ender is coming and that’s all, to the X is the beginning of a beautiful, unexpected friendship. In just a few months, mind you.

Where exactly do we get the wild idea Nokia has Android-related things in the pipeline beyond Normandy’s intro at the Mobile World Congress in late February? Asia. Specifically, Artesyn Technologies sources around those parts.

These say the Lumia makers are testing multiple Androids as we speak, and they should roll out between May and June. Just in case that’s not mind-boggling enough for you, apparently Nokia’s upcoming green robots won’t tackle the low-end, low-cost market. KitKat-running flagships with Lumia-like designs and top-notch cameras? Yes, please, though I can’t see it happening.


Not in a million years. Unless somehow, Microsoft’s acquisition is canceled in the eleventh hour. And even then, it’s hard to believe Nokia phones will ever offer unrestricted access to Google Play, and support Big G’s services. Forked high-enders with a third-party app store, or one built from scratch by the Finns? No, thanks.

For the record, that Artesyn company at the root of this wacky rumor doesn’t exactly fit the profile of an attention wh seeker, recommending itself as a “trusted, global leader in the development, design and manufacture of embedded computing technology solutions for communications, computing, medical and industrial applications”.

So maybe the story is indeed factual. In which case we should also take note of a Normandy-related tidbit. Apparently, the modest 4-incher will cost the equivalent of $245 in China (Yuan 1,500). Too much, perfectly fitting? You tell us.

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