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MyGlass iOS app for Google Glass pulled shortly after release

Google pulled the MyGlass iOS companion app for Google Glass shortly after it was unexpectedly released.


Its hard to imagine that people who live their lives on the internet would not have heard about Google Glass. The internet search giant’s wearable gadget has been all the rage this year, its currently only available to U.S. residents, however a public release is expected in 2014. The smart glasses have intrigued a lot of people and continue to do so. Google on the other hand has made various changes, both hardware and software, in its bid to get the glasses ready for public release. The MyGlass companion app is a vital part of the experience, it has been available for Android for quite some time. It wasn’t rumored that an iOS version is going to be released soon, but it did become available, only to be pulled a few hours later.

Through the MyGlass iOS app for Google Glass, those lucky users who have Google Glass units right now can configure and manage their units. They can also use it to set up a new Glass unit. Furthermore, the app will also let them get directions, something which wasn’t possible before when Glass was connected to an iOS device. The screencast feature allows users to display what they’re seeing in the prism on the display of their iOS device and through the app they can also add Google Glass apps known as Glassware and save contacts as well.

Google has pulled the app without an explanation, as per the company, MyGlass iOS app is going to be released once again later this week. The reason behind the app being pulled is not known.

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