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CLIK Wireless Earbuds Wants to Smash Language Barriers

CLIK from Mymanu is an ambitious project that aims to break down language barriers everywhere, by translating voice conversations in real time. The concept is much like Star Trek’s Universal Translator, only more visually stunning, and much, much smaller.

In a nutshell, CLIK Wireless Earbuds works with a smartphone App (iOS/Android) to function as a translator between two parties – both wearing CLIK Earbuds. Using the app, one person requests to join a conversation, the other (speaking a foreign language) accepts and the translation begins when they start talking in turns. Around 30 of the world’s most widely used languages are supported, including English, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, French and Arabic. Multiple languages can be translated at the same time provided everyone with CLIK had joined in the same conversation.

Aside from being a translation tool, CLIK promises to deliver exceptional audio performance over Bluetooth using aptX decoding, and proprietary driver technology. Everything about it looks drop-dead gorgeous. Nestled within the LED ring-light is a touch-sensitive metallic faceplate, so you can tap and swipe to activate its features intuitively. You may also use Clik as a handsfree that can give you voice notifications, and have clear voice calls with Active Noise-Cancelling. The CLIK App can also serve as your music streamer, pulling up songs from your phone’s music library, or from popular music streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music.


The earbuds are moulded to fit comfortably in your ear without causing pain if you decide to wear them the entire day – and with earbuds that look as slick as these, why not?

A beautiful, thoughtfully designed capsule is also included. When it’s time to juice-up, the earbuds click into position to charge, magnetically aligned and glowing through the translucent lid. With a USB port, it also fulfils a dual-purpose of being a backup power-bank to charge your phone!

CLIK is surely a futuristic solution for business people sitting down to negotiate a contract in different languages. Mymanu envisions a future when we no longer have to fumble for phrasebooks or learn another language to interact with others. However, in order for it to work effectively in everyday situations, at least both parties must use a pair of CLIK, which is a drawback since not everyone will own it! For travellers like me who often backpack, the CLIK simply cannot substitute my trusty Google Translate App – though it looks to be a wonderful pair of earbuds that sets itself apart with its thoughtful, clean and cutting edge design.

As of this writing, Mymanu had already surpassed their initial funding target by 40%, raking in nearly US$190,000 in pledges! You can pre-order the CLIK on Indiegogo for US$199 a pop, with delivery expected after May 2017.

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