It has only been a month since Samsung launched its flagship Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500/9505) smartphone. So it obviously grabs everyone’s attention if we spot a Galaxy GT-I9600 on AnTuTu. Speculations follow.

We are well aware of Samsung’s internal coding system that is given to their phones. The Galaxy S3 was the GT-I9300, the S4 is the GT-i9500, so what may be this new addition to the group, i.e. GT-I9600? Spotted on AnTuTu, the Samsung Galaxy GT-I9600 is said to run on Android 4.3.2 (we smell something fishy here), with the CPU clocked in at just 1.4 GHz.

Samsung GT-i9600 AnTuTu benchmark

It’s entirely possible that the AnTuTu entry is false, it’s simply too early for a Galaxy model superseding the Galaxy S4 so soon. We definitely know that it isn’t the Galaxy S5 either (our best guess is that it would be the GT-I9700). However, there have been numerous devices in the past that launch with similar names as the flagship, for example the Galaxy S Plus I9001, or the Galaxy S2 Plus I9105. But then again, such devices have only a single digit differentiating it from the flagship (usually the last one).

The low CPU clock only adds to the confusion, why would a higher end model be spec’ed lower? And lastly, Android 4.3 isn’t out yet, 4.3.2 is just a bit too hard to digest.

Source: Brief Mobile