NASA has released a video which showcases the incredible beauty of our sun during a span of 3 years.  The video itself doesn’t last three years, and will only require 3 minutes of your time.

Over the past 3 years, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) has been taking pictures of the sun, and the images are then stitched together to make the three minute video which you will see below.  Two images are selected each day, and each image is displayed for two frames with the video having a 29.97 frame rate.

Despite the violent eruptions and constant spewing of solar flares, the sun’s activities possess a very powerful beauty that makes it hard for us to turn away.

Here are some notable events within the video:

00:30;24 Partial eclipse by the moon

00:31;16 Roll maneuver

01:11;02 August 9, 2011 X6.9 Flare, currently the largest of this solar cycle

01:28;07 Comet Lovejoy, December 15, 2011

01:42;29 Roll Maneuver

01:51;07 Transit of Venus, June 5, 2012

02:28;13 Partial eclipse by the moon