Ever felt helpless after reading a post or comment on Google+ because it was in a language you couldn’t understand? Well, that won’t be the case anymore thanks to the addition of built-in translate support on Google’s social network. 


Whenever there is a public post or comment that isn’t in your language, you’ll now see a “Translate” button underneath the text, clicking which will – you guessed it – convert that text into something you can understand. It’s a feature rival social network Facebook has had since 2011 (thanks to Microsoft’s Bing), and Google+ users will no doubt be glad to see the search giant finally getting around to adding translation support.


For now, the translation feature will only be rolling out on the desktop, and should be gradually available for users around the world. Built-in translation is apparently a feature Larry Page personally asked for, but for a company that does translation so well (better than Bing, anyway), it’s pretty late in the game for them to be making it a feature on their social network.

But hey, better late than never, right?

Source: Google+