You’d think Samsung would be in full damage control mode now that nearly everything there is to know about its upcoming Galaxy Note 4 is out, but even as a credible, semi-exhaustive list of features transpires, the Koreans insist on keeping mystery in the air.

Galaxy Note 41 Near complete Samsung Galaxy Note 4 spec sheet surfaces, teasing also begins

Everybody ready to start the countdown? We’re officially 19 days (and counting) away from Samsung’s next Unpacked event series installment, no doubt poised to see the Galaxy Note 4 debut under the limelight, possibly alongside a standalone Gear Solo smartwatch.

Excited? You better be, as rumor is the just-announced Galaxy Alpha and future Note 4 will be sharing a new design language (new for Samsung, that is), centered around a premium-looking, robust metal frame.

Also, a groundbreaking UV sensor is in the cards, according to mostly reliable sources, and retina scanning technology is a possibility too. Then you have all the “standard” performance improvements, which may bring Note 4’s spec sheet closer to that of a solid mid-range laptop than a “normal” phone.

Galaxy Note 4 specs Near complete Samsung Galaxy Note 4 spec sheet surfaces, teasing also begins

Yes, an Indonesian retailer by the name of Erafone shortly listed the Android phablet as coming soon, and among its technical highlights, 4 whopping gigs of RAM stole the show. Sheesh, my Windows workstation packs 4 GB of random-access memory.

Besides breezy multitasking (ain’t that an understatement?), the IFA 2014 protagonist apparently plans to make a splash with cutting-edge raw speed, and depending on regions, you’ll be getting either a quad-core 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 805 chip, or an octa-core Exynos 5433. Hard to say which is beefier.

What’s crystal clear is both are cream of today’s crop, and so is the 5.7-inch 2,560 x 1,440 pix res display. The 16 MP OIS-sporting camera? It’s probably no match for Nokia PureViews, but it’s close. Still to be determined – battery capacity and, most importantly, the handheld’s final design.

Galaxy Note 4 teaser Near complete Samsung Galaxy Note 4 spec sheet surfaces, teasing also begins

Are we looking at a semi-metallic build? Full-on aluminum? Perhaps a limited flavor with a curved display? No way to know for sure just yet, and unfortunately, the billboards plastered all over China contain no hints on aesthetics either.

Nor does a tear-jerking video commercial for the Note 3, which teases the third-gen phablet’s successor and confirms the Note 4 moniker, but not much else. It looks like Samsung will still manage to keep a card or two close to its chest all the way through September 3. Hopefully, the right cards to complete a royal flush.

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