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NEC To Announce New Range Of Android Products At CES

NEC may not have much of a presence here, but it is clear that the Japanese electronics OEM is still alive and kicking, especially in the consumer electronics area. And as proof, the company has announced that it intends to showcase a wide range of Android-powered devices at the upcoming CES in the US. Of course, here’s hoping that some of these gadgets will eventually make their way over to our shores.

If there is any event that has anything to do with consumer electronics, you can bet that Android will somehow manage to feature itself in it. And the reason is simple enough: despite its geeky origins (based off the Linux kernel), Android is still one of the most popular mobile operating systems which power a wide range of devices, from smartphones to slate PCs.

And based on online reports, it appears that Android is set to make a small splash in the upcoming CES trade fair held at Las Vegas next year, with a little help from NEC. This is because the Japanese electronics company has just announced in a press release that it will be debuting a whole new line of products and services based on Google’s smartphone platform. The real draw of NEC’s lineup, though, is that NEC has also confirmed that the world will get to catch the first glimpse of the company’s first dual-screen Android slate PC, the NEC Dual Screen CLoud Communicator Tablet.

Unfortunately, NEC is apparently not keen on releasing any more information than necessary in order to drum up some anticipation about the Dual Screen Cloud Communicator Tablet, so there is little detail about the device’s hardware specifications. However, the company has revealed some juicy bits of information that appears to set the slate apart from most of the competition currently in the market. In addition to having two 7-inch screens and the standard WiFi/3G/Bluetooth connectivity, the Dual Screen Cloud Communicator sports the unique ability of being able to run multiple apps on seperate screens, a feature which NEC claims to be a world’s first. Last but not least, the slate will also come bundled with a stylus, which hints at the supposed nature of the touchscreens used in the device.

However, we should point out that the dual-screen slate PC is not the only device that NEC has up its sleeves for the upcoming CES. The Japanese electronics OEM has also confirmed that a single-screen variant of the Cloud Communicator Tablet will also show up in CES, along with an Android-powered notebook and its own Android apps repository known as BIGLOBE “andronavi”. According to NEC, the “andronavi” will distinguish itself from other Android app repositories in that it will offer mostly popular Japanese content such as manga or Japan-related photography, among many others.

Unfortunately, that is all the information that we managed to gather on NEC’s product exhibit at the upcoming CES in Las Vegas. Suffice to say, no one except NEC will know when the aforementioned products will be released for mass market retail, and which countries will be lucky enough to receive them for consumer purchase, if at all. That being said, it is good to see NEC making a splash in the global consumer electronics game once again.

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