The Need for Speed brand hasn’t gotten as much attention from fans in the driving simulation community recently, but perhaps the upcoming Need for Speed Most Wanted game will once again help the franchise regain some prominence.

Most Wanted will have elements that are found in the Burnout series, while maintaining the open world, high speed, nitrous injecting, and crashing fun that are usually a part of every Need for Speed title. 

According to a preview video of NFS Most Wanted, every car will be available from the beginning, so “if you can find it, you can drive it.”  That’s quite a bold move considering the fact that the traditional progression system still remains a strong element in many current driving simulations.

Criterion Games will be at the helm in producing the next NFS title, and their vision for Most Wanted is making a driving simulation that will give players the “freedom to play the way [they] want.”

NFS Most Wanted drops October 30.