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Nerf releasing new gun that can shoot from a 100 foot distance

Nerf is releasing a new gun called the Centurion which is a rifle that allows you to shoot a target from 100 feet away.

I don’t know about anybody else, but when I was younger I loved playing with Nerf guns. Heck, I’d still play with them now if I could find some others who would join me. One problem with Nerf guns back in the day was that it was hard to get any velocity on the shots, so you had to be at pretty close range before hitting anything.

How times have changed. According to POPSCI, Nerf is releasing a new gun called the N-Strike Elite Centurion. It’s a rifle that can shoot a Nerf dart up to 100 feet. POPSCI also mentions that the gun will be the first in a line that uses Nerf’s new MEGA darts, which as you can see in the picture below, and are obviously nothing to mess around with.

The MEGA darts are about twice the size of the normal ones which is apparently what helps them go longer distances.  The added weight offers more momentum in the air. If being able to shoot a Nerf gun 100 feet away wasn’t satisfying enough, the darts also give out a whistling sound so you can hear it whiz by before it hits your opponent.

The report mentions that the gun itself is also very large, spanning 40.7 inches from one end to the other. Most of that length being taken up by the barrel itself, which makes sense considering a longer and straighter barrel should help with distance when the dart flies out of it.

The N-Strike Elite Centurion will go on sale this fall and carry a price tag of $49.99. Never too much for something that can help you harass your friends from such a distance.

Source and images: POPSCI

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