While very few of us own a 4K TV, Netflix says that they will be offering 4K streaming in one to two years time.  This announcement came not long after Sony said they want to do the same with their PS4 system, which is 4K ready.

Neil Hunt who serves as the Chief Product Officer for Netflix recently said in an interview with The Verge that the company is planning on introducing 4K streaming to their popular home video streaming service lineup.  He said that customers could expect to see it in one to two years’ time.  Hunt also works as the manager of the Netflix video service's technology, which includes all of Netflix's streaming platforms, along with helping to analyze all of the user data stored by Netflix. 

In an interview with The Verge, Neil Hunt asserted that Netflix is standing behind the idea of bringing this type of high resolution streaming into the home. When asked about bandwidth he admitted that it might be a bit tough in the beginning. “Clearly we have much work to do with the compression and decode capability, but we expect to be delivering 4K within a year or two with at least some movies and then over time become an important source of 4K,” Hunt said. “4K will likely be streamed first before it goes anywhere else.”

Where there is a demand for a product there will be a seller, but presently most homes are not even capable of receiving 4K TV transmissions.  Nevertheless the fact that Netflix is trying to be the first to offer this and other HD platforms means that it will be ready when consumers and ISPs are able to catch up with it. 

Netflix isn’t the only company with 4K streaming in mind.  Soon after Sony unveiled the PS4 we learned they would be the first to offer 4K movies as a download service since the PS4 system is fully capable of displaying 4K.  It is important to note that you would still need a 4K TV to view it all, which is another product that Sony is hoping consumers jump on board with quickly.




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