The N150 WNR1000 wireless router that was sent to us comes in a neat standard retail box.

The bundled accessories include a power adapter, setup CD, Ethernet cable and two router stands.

We noticed the adapter is not the standard UK plug (which Singapore is using), but of Australia plug; which means the product we have is actually from Australia, or intended for the Australia market.

The N150 WNR1000 wireless router sports a black top and a silver and transparent rim that looks seemingly attractive. The indicators are neatly arranged at the front – Power, Push ‘N’ Connect, Wireless, Internet and LAN (port 1 to 4).

At the rear are the four LAN and one WAN ports, power, restore factory settings. and Push ‘N’ Connect (WPS) push-buttons. This particular model does not come with external antennas, unlike its other siblings.