Features / Quality (30%)

The Netgear Genie feature allows the router to be configured and administered on mobile devices, a handy feature when the user is not near a computer. Its user interface seems smooth and easy to use. The router's build quality is still top notch using quality parts, especially the power supply which looks and feels solid. The two USB 2.0 ports on the R6300 is always better than one as compared to some other wireless routers.

Quality Score 8/10

Performance (40%)

The R6300 does provides an overall performance gain of 23% with the 802.11ac. However, in order to attain such data throughput, the client will need an adapter with both 802.11ac and 3×3 capabilities. The Netgear A6200 wireless adapter seems to be a great combination with this router.

Performance Score 8/10


Price / Package (15%)

With the suggested retail price of S$299, is definitely the price you paid to be an early adopter.

Value Score 7/10


Aesthetics (15%)

The router's desk calendar design seems to be not a great way of utilizing space. Users will have to sacrifice some horizontal space on their tabletop especially with accompanying devices such as modem and external drives. The lack of led for wired connections could affect troubleshooting efforts.

Aesthetics Score 7/10