I took out my current Sony and Shinco DVD Players and replaced it with the DVX-1201.

The DVX-1201 was hooked to a Marantz DP-870 Dolby Digital Decoder for the digital
audio and direct to my Yamaha Natural Sound Amplifiers.

The DVX-1201 has support for composite video, component video and S-Video out.
The video output on all these terminals was clear and stable. SCART is a feature
for European versions too.

One interesting thing is the player has two sets of Analog stereo audio outputs.
These may seem like an extra feature, but I’ve found interesting uses of it.
(My shinco player has dual audio out too). What I usually do is to plug one
set of the stereo audio out to the amplifiers, and the other set to the TV direct.
This gives the option of using my TV’s audio system on quiet evenings, or my
amplifier system on noisy weekends.

I had burnt the latest version of the DVX-1201 firmware from the Neuston website.
Following the instructions from the website, I flashed the firmware to allow
the player to support DivX 3.11 and apply some bug fixes. The flashing worked flawlessly,
albeit a little slow. But it’s a one off flash, so I can’t really complain
much there.