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New Apple patent details how iPhone users will be able to share pictures or music when caller is on hold

Apple has been granted a new patent today, which details a feature that will allow iPhone users to share content such as music and pictures with a caller that has an iPhone, and is on hold.


This patent really does deal with a feature that has largely remain untouched. Currently when someone puts you on hold during a call, you either hear pre-set music or see a message being displayed on the screen which tells you that the person on the other end has put you on hold. This feature, on the face of it, will allow users to essentially entertain callers that they have put on hold.

This interactive content, such as photos or music, will be sent over the cellular company’s data network. Obviously it will count against the user’s data usage, and might incur extra charges as well. The patent details that the feature is capable of determining that the person put on hold has an iPhone, and if the other person has enabled sharing of content, they will be displayed an interactive visual menu through which they will be able to access dynamic content made public by the first person, content that has not been made public will remain out of bounds.

Content won’t be limited to just music and photos. Users will be able to show status updates, videos, calendar events, location information and a variety of other content stored on the device. The patent also reveals that this feature will be customized for each specific caller. It remains to be seen if this feature ever materializes. Privacy concerns and rising data costs are surely a factor that will discourage it. As is the case with patented technologies, one can’t say for sure if they will ever see the light of day.

Source: [AppleInsider]

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