The U.S. Trademark and Patent Office has granted Apple a new patent today. It sheds light on a technology which will allow future iPhones to manage certain settings automatically based on “life events.”


Basically, the patent details a system which will have access and permission to change settings without needing any sort of interaction from the user. The system will make these changes based on information from a number of assets, such as onboard sensors, location data, calendar entries, usage patterns and even the internet. The patent notes that since mobile devices can easily be taken anywhere, an automated system would help, because it would adjust settings on its own depending upon where the user is at that moment. For example, the device’s notifications might automatically become silent when the user enters a movie theater or library, which are two places where a constantly beeping iPhone will definitely be frowned upon.

The system may also prioritize data in certain instances. For example, if the user is in another country, their contact list will automatically be reconfigured and more priority will be given to contacts that are based within that particular country. A “life event” and its corresponding action are collectively referred to as a “zone.” Zones can overlap each other, but since they can be prioritized, one may override the other’s action.

One can’t ever be sure about patent technologies though. Apple has thousands of patents in its name, it hasn’t implemented every single technology as yet in its devices. With iOS 7 already signed, sealed and ready to be delivered in less than a day, there’s obviously no doubt in the fact that this automated system won’t be coming anytime soon. It remains to be seen when Apple finally does implement it into future iPhones.

Source: AppleInsider