The new Shenzhen Apple store welcomes ten thousand customers on opening day.

The Shenzhen Apple store welcomed an estimated ten thousand customers on its first day in business.  Customers started lining up 24 hours before the grand opening at World Yi Tian Holiday Plaza. The first customer through the door was Chen Taixin, a young Malaysian man and a senior at Shenzhen University.  Chen told reporters that he began waiting outside the doors before 9 AM on November 2.  The store officially opened at 9 AM the next day.

Apple provided the waiting customers with free Starbucks coffee and free meals from KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, and Ajisen's Ramen.  Customers were allowed to leave their spots for 15 minute bathroom breaks.  Reporters estimated that 1500 customers entered the store within the first hour of business, and the first 1000 people were given commemorative Apple t-shirts.

Last month, Apple opened a larger store in Beijing which welcomed a record number of customers on opening day, and the Shenzhen store is now living up to its counterpart's success.