Konami gives upcoming Metal Gear Rising Revengeance players an early treat by offering new custom body options to be used by Raiden. Get the cyborg ninja body and play as the legendary Gray Fox, or use the MGS4 version suit, or even just choose a standard color theme-based body touch up.

We all know that Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is still a month away, but Konami seems to already give us all the more reason to forget about espionage and dive into its cool slicing and dicing action theme. That's because they have recently unveiled last January 11 five custom body options that you can use to change Raiden's suit in the game.

The first one, and unarguably the most exciting one, is the cyborg ninja custom body option. Who would not want to use those new game mechanics and play as if Raiden is the legendary Gray Fox?

The second one is the suit that he previously used in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. It has the nostalgia factor in it, though of course this is something that we can consider as obligatory.

The final three custom body options are mainly modified versions of his cybernetic suit. They are color-themed (the White, Inferno, and Commando armors), and while not as thematic as the previous two, they still add variety and uniqueness the Raiden that you are playing.

You can see how these body options really look like in the actual game in their official trailer:

Source: 4Gamer (JP), Konami (JP)


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