Sharp's new WG-N10 acts as your personal, functional and intuitive electronic notepad. With more specific and specialized functions than your ordinary e-notepad, it can take notes, scribble and write anything on it as if you are actually writing on paper.


Samsung's Galaxy Note series may have its mighty S-Pen, and this innovative e-notepad vaporware may never really come to life, but Sharp's new electronic notepad is more than real, and it is most likely set out to pave out the road that would connect e-notebooks and tablets.

The WG-N10 is an electronic notebook that, while it can be used as an ordinary writing notebook, can also be accessed in more or less the same way that tablets today are used. Unlike regular electronic notebooks that simply saves the written pages at best, you are given with an additional interface that lets you access different kinds of software tools and apps that are related to information and note taking. In essence, it is a hybrid e-notebook, with an overly simplified version of a tablet OS.

The strongest point of the WG-N10 is the accuracy of its response when used with a stylus. It has a self correction system that adjusts the output lines accordingly as the stylus "writes", and can accurately display written notes even in the centimeter range. The reflective display even adds more intuitiveness to the unit, since it can be used just about anywhere that you can use an ordinary notebook, only you don't use up paper and ink!

The sample images alone provided by PCWatch already tell us lots of details about what we can do to the WG-N10. However it still all boils down to handy and intuitive manipulation of information. Like a tablet, it lets us control visual elements on the screen directly. Like a notebook, it lets us write information like how humans have written it for thousands of years.

The WG-N10 is scheduled to be released in Japan around January of this year, and will be released in two versions: the standard 6-inch version, and a 7-inch one with a size and form factor that's reminiscent of the Nexus 7. There are no official announcements about its retail price just yet.

Source: PCWatch (JP), Sharp (JP)