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New Grand Theft Auto V details reveal HUD

Rockstar Games recently held a demonstration of GTA V in Poland, and a Reddit user who attended held an AMA afterwards, where people could ask about any details showcased during the presentation. The user has since deleted their account as well as the replies to the AMA, but the details are out, and that means we have some new details about the upcoming game. First and foremost, GTA V looks better than GTA IV, but according to the user, it doesn’t look as good as the trailers would suggest. During the presentation of the game, the redditor noticed aliasing several times. He suggested that the graphics quality was at least comparable to Red Dead Redemption. Admittedly, this was on a PS3 Debug unit, so one can’t expect the graphics to stand up to the trailers, which were likely rendered on a PC. The biggest change from GTA IV, from a graphical perspective, was that the game appeared more colorful. Compared to the grey and brown Liberty City, I think this was a given.

The new HUD was described in detail as well, with the mini-map in particular receiving an overhaul: “The way that radar content is slightly 3D and rotates with you will make driving a little bit easier; it looked kind of weird with rectangular radar instead of circular, but by the end of the presentation that didn’t bother me, so I doubt it’ll be a big deal.” A mockup of the new HUD was created by another redditor and uploaded.


The weapons wheel appeared to be similar to that in Red Dead Redemption as well, and the user described seeing time slow down when Trevor, one of the playable characters, shot a rocket at a truck. Whether slo-mo will actually appear in the final game or not however, is still unknown. The redditor explained that this is something Rockstar is currently fiddling with. While aiming weapons, the camera angle appeared similar to that in Max Payne 3, or (again) Red Dead Redemption. The gore level was apparently similar to GTA IV, with enemies taking a good deal of damage before going down. The new Euphoria physics didn’t stand out to the user.

The most impressive thing with the demonstration, according to the redditor, was the water. “Water was surely the best looking part of the game,” they said. Rockstar even modeled the fish with enough AI to swim away from you.

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