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New Halo 4 gameplay launch trailer released


The new Halo 4 launch trailer features exclusive gameplay footage of one of this year's most anticipated video game releases, continuing Master Chief's journey into the mysterious Forerunner world of Requiem.

Halo 4's new gameplay launch trailer showcases the upcoming game's impressive sci-fi elements and amazing graphics, chronicling Master Chief's journey as he explores the mysterious Forerunner world of Requiem. Accompanied by Cortana, an super-advanced AI, Master Chief unlocks a few secrets of the universe and awakens an unearthly foe and unwittingly starts an intergalactic war.

The trailer itself is brief and clocks in at only one minute an eleven seconds, however it gives an adequate description and plot summary of Halo 4 while not spoiling any of the story's revelations. It is refreshing to see a trailer released that is entirely comprised of in-game footage, especially when it shows off new glimpses at footage that some gamers aren't familiar with. 343 Industries has created a monumental shift in the Halo franchise with this release, and begins a new saga that further explores the Halo universe.

Halo 4 releases on Nov. 6, 2012 for Xbox 360. For more information please visit Halo Waypoint's official website.

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