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New images of BlackBerry’s A10 spotted

Some new BlackBerry A10 images have emerged, hinting at a 5-inch display and a classier design. 

BlackBerry, despite all of the overwhelming obstacles that still lie ahead, is continuing to push out handsets which its hoping will eventually persuade consumers to come back to it.  The company’s Z10 flagship hasn’t lived up to expectation, but the purported A10 might be the actual second coming BlackBerry is hoping for.

Some pictures have emerged that hint at a larger 5-inch display to accommodate the growing crowd that thinks ‘bigger screen equals better phone’.  Internally, not much is known about the A10, but some are reporting that it might come with a dual-core along with a standard 8MP primary shooter.

Considering BlackBerry lacks a lot of funding in many areas, it wont be much of a surprise if their next flagship comes with subpar specs.  So what it comes down to is the handset’s overall physical design as well as software optimization.  Word of mouth marketing is BlackBerry’s best bet at achieving its goal of maintaining a decent amount of market share.

Overall, there is some hope for BlackBerry as the Canadian handset maker still holds a large following in countries like Indonesia.  However, as smartphone prices continue to drop to record lows, Apple and Android’s (especially Android) poaching of BlackBerry’s territory will become an even bigger problem.

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