Evleaks has posted new pictures of the rumored "Catwalk" device. They also confirm that it will be named the Lumia 925. This leak comes one day before Nokia's event in London, where it's expected that this phone will be officially unveiled.

Yesterday we reported about the teaser that Nokia aired on British airwaves that appeared to be a new Lumia device. We also shared pictures of the back of the device and speculated that the handset could be named the Lumia 925.

Well, today, just a day before Nokia’s event in London, the popular leakers at Evleaks have put out more pictures of the device, and they also seem to be confirming the Lumia 925 name.  As for details, it continues to look like it sports a metal casing, possibly aluminum; but it may just be made of plastic that resembles aluminum.  It’s hard to tell from pictures alone, and the color of the phone certainly isn't making it easier.
Hopefully, we will learn all there is to know about the device, currently codenamed ‘Catwalk’, at the event tomorrow.
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