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New iPhones will likely have displays with ‘significantly higher’ resolution

A recent report suggests that apart from a size bump, the next iPhone lineup may also get a bump in resolution.


Time and again it has been rumored that Apple is finally going to increase the display size of its smartphone this year. In 2014 its expected to launch two models yet again, rumors point towards 4.7 and 5.5-inches as the sizes that Apple has locked in.

I have already written in great detail about the changes that the market wishes to see Apple make in its next generation iPhone, larger displays top the list. The company’s rivals have led the charge, consumers have quite clearly taken to large displays. So even though a subset might argue that there’s really no need for Apple to follow suit, it may serve it’s own interests to do so.

Though size isn’t everything, customers will also look for quality. The iPhone 5S display touts 326 pixels per inch, and while its no slouch, Apple is reportedly going to go for “significantly higher” resolution in its next iPhone lineup. Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei reports that LG, Japan Display and Sharp have been tapped by Apple to manufacture displays for the next generation iPhones. Apparently the company has also started mobilizing other suppliers, and is believed to have already placed orders for fingerprint sensors and liquid-crystal drivers.

There are conflicting rumors about the time frame in which Apple is expected to launch new iPhones this year. Initially it was believed that the company will break away from tradition and launch the lineup in Summer. As the months pass by, it seems highly unlikely that new iPhones will be introduced in the next few months. The scribe claims that Apple is sticking with a September release for both new iPhones.

Source: Nikkei

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