Carrying around chargers, earphones, pens, and whatever else you need can be a hassle when the whole point of a smaller device is to be as mobile as possible. That’s where this new product could potentially help you.


A cool Kickstarter campaign has popped up for a new product called Smart Cargo. What it does is add a storage compartment to your iPad’s Smart Cover. It latches on magnetically and stays attached pretty well if the video they posted to prove it is anything to go by. What else is nice is how it folds into the Smart Cover when you want to use it as a stand, which means you don’t have to detach it every time you want to use your iPad.


Another interesting idea they suggest on the Kickstarter page is detaching the storage compartment and using it to rest your wrists on while you type on the iPad. There are even more clever ideas built into this product that are mentioned including making it easier to hold your iPad by giving you something more to grip.  I’d continue listing them but it’s better to just go to the page and check it out for yourself.

These are the kinds of accessories that deserve more attention over the hundreds of clone products so if this is something that sounds cool to you then go ahead and contribute. It looks like a product with a lot of potential, but I’ll let the people be the judge of that.

Source: Kickstarter Via: CNET