Mass Effect 3's newest campaign DLC returns players to the seedy asteroid colony of Omega in a battle to restore Aria T'Loak to her rightful place as queen of crime. Jump in for more details and an official trailer released by BioWare!

Mass Effect 3: Omega focuses on expanding the game's campaign and returns gamers to the nefarious deep-space Mos Eisley known as Omega. Some players may remember their first encounter with the asteroid-city and its femme fatale queen in Mass Effect 2.

In Omega, players ally with Aria T'Loak–the city-colony's unofficial former "queenpin"–and vie for control of the station against the Cerberus general who now has dominion over the colony.

"Join Omega's infamous leader in her fight to retake the notorious black market station.

Navigate Omega's seedy underbelly as Aria joins your squad and you witness her legendary biotic powers and unrelenting ruthlessness first-hand."

BioWare's newly released trailer shows off the DLC's plot points as well as official in-game footage, allowing gamers to take a peek at what Omega has to offer.

The return to the seedy crime-infused station is an interesting choice, and Aria is quite a colorful character to ally with: remember that one rule she told you about in ME2? Well you'll see what happens when people break that rule in this add-on…and it isn't pretty.

Mass Effect 3: Omega is now available for Xbox 360 & PC and will be available on Nov. 28, 2012 for PlayStation 3. Click here for more information on this add-on.