Another interesting product we saw was a complete 3D PC made by MSI. When 3D displays are still in its infancy, it is a bold move for MSI to offer a 3D PC called the 3D All-in-One. Unlike the NVIDIA 3D Vision system, this one actually uses ATI graphics, but like the NVIDIA 3D Vision system, a pair of 3D glasses are still necessary to complete the experience.
MSI has also moved into a number of products very different from the traditional mainboard business we’re used to. Here we spotted a PC designed for In Car Entertainment (ICE) applications.
While we didn’t get a glimpse of their hardware oriented projects, we’re told that more exciting mainboard and graphics accelerator models are coming up. The likelihood is for these products to be launched during the June COMPUTEX tradeshow.
This is, signing off from Taipei.