Google phone

At the recent Google I/O conference in San Francisco, the search engine giant has revealed that the next Nexus Android smartphone is scheduled to launch in Q4 this year and will run the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The question is, will Sony Ericsson be the next manufacturer to build the phone (after HTC and Samsung)?

At the Google I/O conference, the company has announced the new Android mobile operating system (Ice Cream Sandwich), and revealed that the next Nexus smartphone will be launched in Q4 this year.

Andy Rubin, senior vice president of Mobile at Google, said that the next Nexus smartphone can easily run Android "Ice Cream Sandwich" platform. This means that the Nexus phone will only be ready closer to the end of this year. From the current development of smartphones, it would be no surprise if the Nexus phone incorporate dual-core processor. It is anyone's guess whether Sony Ericsson would be the manufacturer tasked to make the new Nexus smartphone, seeing HTC and Samsung had already made one for Google.

The biggest feature of the next version of Android mobile operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich, is that it will support both tablet and smartphone devices. Google wants to fulfil "One OS Everywhere", be it on the smaller screen smartphones or the tablets with larger displays.