Two new snapshots gleaned from both Instagram and Reddit have confirmed that Rockstar Games will be in attendance at Europe’s premiere gaming show, Gamescom 2013.

Rockstar Wall

Gleaned from a recent Reddit post, this snapshot shows Rockstar’s apparent conference room at Gamescom, complete with stylized wallpaper of the beach life in Los Santos.

The first picture is taken from a Reddit post which features an instantly recognizable bikini blonde and a fuzzy–but readable–outline of three words that have been emblazoned in every gamer’s mind: Grand Theft Auto.

The snapshot depicts a stylized wallpaper of GTA V‘s iconic covergirl, and one could only imagine the splendor that lies within those walls, especially the video footage that accompanies the media conference itself possibly accompanied by an informative Q&A session.


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The second picture was featured on Sony’s official Instagram page and was since taken down, however it’s still visible via a Google cache.

This apparently is another side of Rockstar’s official Gamescom booth, with the definitive logo stamped on proudly for all to see. Soon after posting the picture, Sony removed it–apparently it was supposed to be a surprise. The cat’s out of the bag now, however, and it will be interesting to see what magic that Rockstar has up their sleeves for this year’s Gamescom.

GTAV ss7

Rockstar didn’t make an appearance at E3 2013, and their presence at Gamescom is welcome news for attendees as the dev studio will no doubt put on an unforgettable showcasing of the game itself, which is due out next month.

Not everyone can enter the conference room, however; it is exclusive to media only.

GTA V is set to shake up the gaming world with its scenic open-world vistas and unprecedented freedom, accompanied by that signature gritty and witty Rockstar parody-infused style and explosive action. GTA Online will also be a fundamental aspect of the game, introducing total havoc via online-multiplayer.

If you’ve yet to see the GTA Online gameplay trailer be sure to check it out here.

Grand Theft Auto V is slated for release on Sept. 17, 2013 for Xbox 360 and PS3. For more information be sure to check out our recent coverage or visit the game’s official website.

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