I wanted to see how high my processor goes and how high the FSB goes on this
board at the same time. So I set multiplier to 8x, and used ClockGen software to
bump up the FSB, running lowest RAM dividers with loose latency of CL5-5-5-15.
Well, I soon found myself in a fix… the board pushes FSB to the edge supported
by ClockGen: 600MHz FSB!

This gave me 4.8GHz on my Conroe X6800. I did a test on
stability by running SuperPi 16M:

Done! At 1.85v setting in BIOS, I measured real time the
voltage idle load while running SuperPi, 1.82v stable no droop!

Next, since ClockGen is at it’s limit, it was back to old
school overclocking… Back to the BIOS. 630MHz FSB!

Some SuperPi at 625MHz FSB, 5GHz!

3D Mark 05 run at 620MHz FSB, 4960MHz.