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New Pumpkin space pod lets you become a space age Cinderella

Tired of dreaming about being able to escape the doldrums of life on Earth?  Well, you may soon be able to ditch Mother Earth’s grasp and go to the moon in a Pumpkin. If you can afford it, that is.

The reality is, space traveling is still limited, and even if you can afford it the technology that’s available to us is still being tested.  That’s not to say that no civilians have gazed upon his insignificant counterparts from space.  Several extremely wealthy tourists have managed to hitch a ride on some Soyuz in the early to late 2000’s, but since then the Russian space tourism program has hit a dead end.  So this is where the private sectors come in, and one of the latest proposals for civilian space exploration is coming from the Golden Spike Company.

Golden Spike aims to rocket people into space using a Pumpkin.  No, of course it’s not the type of pumpkin that you carve creepy faces on for Halloween; it’s actually just another pod concept that just so happens to also be nicknamed ‘Pumpkin.’  The startup has already submitted their pod proposal to the Northrop Grumman aerospace company for evaluation, and should things pan out you can become a space age Cinderella.

In regards to the pod’s tentative proposal and evaluation, Northrop Grumman is suggesting that the pod use non-cryogenic propellants. 

From the diagram, we can see that the Pumpkin comfortably seats two passengers, but don’t expect a king-sized bed to slumber on as you zip across the galaxy.  As we already mentioned, this particular segment of tourism isn’t cheap, but if you have $750 million to blow then let the countdown begin.

Source: globenewswire

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