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New report has possible details of iPhone 5S, low-end iPhone, and new iPad

A new report by Macotakara details the possibility of different colors for the iPhone 5S as well as the low cost iPhone. It also mentions that the 5S might sport a duel LED flash for the camera.

As the year goes on, it’s no surprise that there are an ever increasing amount of Apple related rumors coming out.  Now, Macotakara has released a report that outlines a couple of developments for both the possible low-end iPhone, iPhone 5S, and 5th gen iPad.
They don’t seem as sure about the colors that will be available for the low cost iPhone because they have separate sources telling them different things.  Between the two they are hearing colors like gold, orange, white, gray, navy, pink, green, blue, and yellow-orange. That’s a lot of possibilities, and as Macrumors points out, none of which include the color black. They posted renderings of the possible colors as well, as seen below.


The low-end iPhone has been rumored to be for emerging markets and cost about $300-400 off-contract. They’re also said to have a polycarbonate casing rather than the aluminum found on the iPhone 5. Macotakara claims they will begin field testing these devices in June, begin production in July, and be ready for a release in September. This is actually at odds with one of their earlier claims that it the low cost iPhone would be ready for 2014.
Another titbit from their report is news that the iPhone 5S will also be available in multiple colors, those being black, white, and possibly gold and green. Yes, those last two sound weird. They also claim that the iPhone 5S will sport a duel LED flash on the back right next to the camera.  That should provide better lowlight images, which have never been one of the device's strong points. They offered a rendering of this below.

Finally, Macotakara mentions that the iPad 5 could have an extra microphone. They claim that this iPad will ship after the 5S, which is expected to be out this Fall. Lots of interesting possibilities here, but we’ll have to wait and see. Their track record has been accurate at times but also spotty.


Source: Macotakara Via: Macrumors

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