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New screenshots from Windows 8.1 reveals more about the new Start button

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Screenshots from a new build of Windows 8.1 (Build 9415) shows up on the internet.

Following a heightened interest in Windows 8.1 following reports of the return of the Start Button, we now have new screenshots of the start button in action, along with a few other screenshots of the other changes.



First up, we have a screenshot of the desktop in action. Not much changes as we can see, also showing the lack of the much talked about addition – the Start button.

1304261hbsbkz9gvsbh9yzSo where did the Start button go? It appears that the new Start button is rather similar to the current “Start button” found on Windows 8. Instead of being a permanent fixture like the pre-Windows 8 era, it still remains to be a hidden button a mouseover away. I suppose, we could at least say that we got the button back right?


Next up, we have some slight changes to the Metro interface, including much more resizable Modern apps and also huge 4-tile-size buttons for those who prefer their often-used buttons to be easily recognizable.


Finally, we see that “Libraries” appear to have been renamed “This PC”. Wonder if it makes much of a difference though, considering many of us here don’t use it in the first place.

While this build isn’t available for the general public yet, we shouldn’t have to wait much longer considering the fact that Microsoft is preparing a public preview version to be released in the weeks to come. Stay tuned as we bring you more updates!

Source: PCBeta via NeoWin

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