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New SiSoft Sandra 2012 SP1 brings Optimizations for AMD Bulldozer, Intel SNB-E and Ivy Bridge

SiSoft Sandra "Retail Box" (rendering)

Prior to taking a Holiday break, we received word from Adrian Silasi about the first Service Pack for SiSoft Sandra 2012. Needless to say, the SP1 brings a lot of improvements to the popular benchmark / system utility.

No doubt about it, the past couple of months were quite exciting for the benchmarking community, with new products debuting from AMD and Intel, as well as next generation products getting ready to launch in first quarter of 2012.

In order to keep up, SiSoftware released the first Service Pack for Sandra 2012, and the SP1 brings important improvements, fixes and performance optimizations.

Probably the most important fixes belong to Cryptography and Memory Bandwidth tests for contemporary AMD Bulldozer and Intel Sandy Bridge-E processors, as well as upcoming Piledriver and Ivy Bridge based processors.

Furthermore, all benchmarks now show IPC (Instructions Per Clock) in addition to standard aggregate score. This will certainly help to see what are the benefits and pitfalls of tested architectures, as well as how more cores or threads influence the achieved IPC (for example, dual versus quad-core Sandy Bridge with and without Hyper-Threading).

The rest of improvements include:

* AVX2 and further FMA3/FMA4 support: Dhrystone AVX2, Multi-Media FMA3/FMA4/AVX2, Memory/Cache Bandwidth AVX2.

* Export all User Benchmark Results with 1 click (thanks Michael S @ Lost Circuits).

* AMD GP(GPU) Bandwidth fix for Catalyst 11.9+ drivers (not sure reason for change but not getting fixed so worked around it).

You can download SiSoft Sandra 2012 SP1 from here.

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