A new kind of Trojan is going around that converts your computer into a Bitcoin miner.  Currently the outbreak of the trojan is mainly located in Eastern Europe, Spain and in parts of Central America but is progressing rapidly.

A new kind of Skype generated trojan is making the rounds and it is converting PCs into Bitcoin miners.  Bitcoin mining is a way in which Bitcoin currency is stolen. 

According to the security firm Kaspersky Lab, this trojan infection “turns the infected machine to a slave of the bitcoin generator [and] the usage of CPU grows up significantly.”  

Kaspersky says the process “runs with the command ?bitcoin-miner.exe -a 60 -l no -o http://suppp.cantvenlinea.biz:1942/ -u XXXXXX0000001@gmail.com -p XXXXXXXX", where “x” designates sensitive data on any given computer

The trojan is passed along via a Skype instant message that reads, “This is my favorite picture of you”, and then gives a link for the user to click on.

Kaspersky says the trojan is growing by 2000 clicks per hour and has been identified as “Trojan.Win32.Jorik.IRCbot.xkt”.  According to the security firm, the trojan reaches out to a C2 server located in Germany with the IP designation of

Bitcoin has become quite popular going up in value tremendously over the past few weeks and has even caught the attention of major investors.  Currently, one Bitcoin is valued at over 140 U.S. dollars.