Nintendo has announced that the New Super Luigi U DLC will also be getting a boxed release two months later, on August 25. It will also be priced at $10 more than the DLC at $29.99.

If you’re a Wii U owner who is itching for something new to play, then here is another thing to anticipate for this Summer. New Super Luigi U, originally announced as DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U, will now be receiving its own physical release, albeit much later than the DLC version.

The boxed version of New Super Luigi U will be available for purchase on August 25, which is almost two months later than when the DLC will arrive for NSMB U, which will be on June 20. The wait should be worthwhile as it does pack in a lot of content. It gives Mario the boot, and re-works every level to take advantage of everything Luigi has to offer. Another new playable character in this add-on content will be Nabbit, a character that was present in the original game.

As for pricing, the DLC version of the game can be had for $19.99, while the boxed version will cost you $29.99. The Wii U is a console that is hurting for games, so for Nintendo fans, the closer the release date gets the better.

Source: Nintendo Via: Game Informer