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New TERA Online-optimized G-Gear Desktop PC’s on sale now

Project White Co. Ltd. has added a few new models for their line-up of G-Gear gaming desktop PC models that are optimized for TERA Online gaming.

New MMORPG gamers in Japan who wish to maximize their TERA online gaming experience can consider themselves quite lucky today. That's because Project White, a company that specializes in the distribution of PC-related tech products and packages, has just started its sale of new G-Gear gaming desktop PC models that are specifically optimize for speed and performance when it is used to play TERA online. The main branch assigned for its distribution is none other than Tsukumo, and it will be available to all Tsukumo PC speciality shops starting October 30, 2012.

The primary specifications of the TERA online-optimized G-Gear gaming desktop unit would still depend of course on the BTO (build to order) customizations set by the buyer. However for the baseline specs, users will be given the Ivy Bridge Core i7-3770 (quad-core 8MB cache 3.4 Ghz, overclock to 3.9 Ghz) for the CPU, 8GB DDR3 for the RAM capacity, and 1 TB HDD for the primary storage. The basic GPU for the unit will be a GeForce GTX 660. It will also be installed with a standard multi-DVD drive.

These new G-Gear models will be installed with the latest Windows 8 OS. However the user can opt for a Windows 7 installation if he or she wishes to. In addition, along with the unit of course is a TERA client DVD, as well as a serial code that would let your TERA online account receive 5 special items inside the game.

Source: ITMedia (JP)

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